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    Monday, Oct. 22. Fuckdate. 1:00am. STATE OF MIND Drunking

BUZMAN --------



eBook's are winning so:

Posted by: Kyle Bermer
    Thursday, Oct. 18. Update. 12:45pm. STATE OF MIND Sober

So by now you've all met Monkit, the newest addition to druglife. Enough on that.

For the last two weeks druglife's STMP mail server has been fucked and hasn't been sending/receiving e-mails properly (at all). This means that if you've tried to contact me in the past two weeks I haven't been ignoring you... I just haven't gotten your mail.

Until this problem is fixed I can be reached at kylebermer@hotmail.com or you can just drop by the forum and leave me a message there.

Take a look to the right of your screen. There you will find a poll that you might actually want to vote in. Here's the low down: TV Episode's reefer's to old-school shit like Transformers, Voltron, He-man, Thundercats... etc. Music vid's and mp3's would be a wide variety of punk and hip hop. eBooks would be anything from "The Hacker's Black Book" right through to "How to Have Sex All Night and Drive Woman Crazy" or even "The Devil's Dictionary". The other options are self-explanatory.

Vote vote vote and once there is a clear winner I'll get the specified section up and running. It depends on what you choose, but it will probably turn into a weekly feature, (ie.) a new episode would be available every week.

The final results of the last poll can be seen right here.

Posted by: Kyle Bermer
    Saturday, Oct. 13. Absolutly not. 1:30pm. STATE OF MIND High

The absolute disfunctionality is indescribable, lying there waiting for the uncertain outcome. Thoughts flash before me, haunted images of my past, I suppose you could call it, "Spontaneous memory recall." Whatever it is, I don't like it. A voice whispers with abstract harmonic's "Look around fool." I'm confused, perhaps this is the beginning of the second phase, I don't know. "Continue!" It says in an almost aggressive tone. So I do, reaching out for the beginning, trying to recall what happened before this confusion set in, its harder than it sounds. I remember sitting alone at my computer chair, and then, Oh yes now I recall quite clearly. D X M

Perhaps its just me, or does it seem like the ever worsening situation/conflict between the USA and Pakistan is bringing a sort of uneasyness to our hearts. I tend to disassociate myself with the ways of the USA and almost always object to any actions they take to rectify anything. Me being an Australian however I can see that the recent acts of retribution are well dignified and understandable."

I'm sure the Pakistanis however think otherwise, but enough already, I'm sick of that topic. Time to worship the BONG.

This home made job has lasted 6 months so far!

Aahhh Now that's over with I can continue the update.

As you may have noticed (or may not as I haven't mentioned it yet.) I'm not Kyle Bermer, I'm Monkit, a nineteen year old Australian born & bread Druggalo, and I'm here to keep your feeble minds occupied as Kyle can't be bothered updating, so expect to hear alot from me.

Posted by: MONKIT
    Tuesday, Oct. 02. any sense Make?. 11:59pm. STATE OF MIND VVvvVV

There's something about muscle relaxants that make me smile. The best way to describe what it's like when they kick in is... "Guuhhhhh".

Crack a smile, sit back and chill.
What a fun ride. = 666

I'm not sure if a few hundred milligrams of muscle disabling chemicals is a good thing for my body, but at this point, who's keeping track?

I'm more comfortable taking drugs than I am eating tofu or following the latest "what's healthy" trend. It seems like more than ever new healthy cancer causing products are popping up all over the place.

Oriental people eat fish for health reasons but murcury poisoning is popping up all over Japan because of it. Popeye the Sailor Man and your mom told you to eat spinach to grow up strong. I wouldn't eat it if I were you. What about Thalidomide? The shit from the 40's that was prescribed for morning sickness which turned out to have a side effect that mutated babies into something that could be mistaken as a freshly clubbed seal. Christ, it's not even safe to get drunk anymore.

Eventually they'll infect us all with some "mistake" they made.

I can picture how it will go down: like a bitch on my dick


What is it doc?

I know I told you to eat lots of fiber for regularity... but it's just come to my attention that its caused your bowels to rot. Sorry patient, but you only have three weeks to live.

It's okay doc, I won't be missed.

Sket | Sket | Sket | Sket | Sket | Sket | Sket

Reader Feedback:
LEnoRe writes:

Id have to say that your site is one of the most ridicolouse sits ive seen about drugs.. I meen i take my acid or pop a pill and just sit back and laugh at how stupid it is... and your whole thing about woman and what they should do is so stupid.. cause you must remember that without us you wouldnt be getting laid..show a little respect maybe its you who should be buying us the expensive things..yeah sure you can go jerk off..but we have things called vibrators and other femals who will do the job probally better then you..

Bitch, what the fuck are you talking about?

EXIT DINKS - Seduction Bootcamp | Ragostini | Area 51

The rest of this post is for those that replied to become a poster.

When I asked if there were any crazy bastards out there that wanted to post on druglife I got a much larger response than I was expecting. The problem is that EVERY response except for one looked a little like this: "i wanna writ for you, mail me". Come on now, if you can't be bothered to write a full fucking sentence how do you expect me to believe you can handle (gasp) and entire update.

Instead of responding to all of the applicants let me just rephrase my offer:

If you think you can produce 4+ semi lengthy updates a week and you have a decent knowledge of html contact me. The catch; Write a little! Tell me why you think you'd make a good poster, tell me a bit about the shit you're into... get the point? Good, now say hi.

    Wed. Sept. 26. Slacker Mother Facker. 1:05am. STATE OF MIND Sober

The Top 24 is back. Check this shit out.

It's running on a way newer version of the Topsites script. There are a lot of COOL features like site reviews, a voting portal, and some other fancy crap. I disabled them because, well, FUCK COOL!

Unfortunately, because of the new version the old backup's are useless so you'll will have to sign your site up again. Sorry for the inconvenience. Yea right.

If druglife had a theme song, this would be it (Nero-I Need Drugs.mp3). Necro has a way of describing things like no other rapper I've ever heard. Check out this ill song called Hoe Blow (Necro-Hoe Blow.mp3).

In other site news the past and Sexy Bitch Archive have been updated.

Skeez | Skeez | Skeez | Skeez Skeez | Skeez | Skeez
Skeez | Skeez

Is there anyone out there in Internet land that feels like taking over druglife, or at least becoming a regular poster? If so, drop me a line and let's work something out. I hope LSD and Dust are acceptable payment.

So I've found the hottest slut web cam bitch EVER! You've never seen shit like this before... tits, clits, pure underground shits. No, no, wait... she doesn't even have a cam. Never mind, I'm just trying to make more oxygen for myself. Huh? try reading.

This was all so very pointless.

Naked Self | Messed Thoughts | messerbill | Crazy Mum | Bitches

Disaster Film:

its not like the movies. in here, things dont happen for days at a time... and when they do, its nothing of importance. i remembered vague encouraging words from drunken sailors in the past telling me to grab life by the balls and make lemonade out of them, (or something of that nature.) thats when i tied myself to the tracks and waited to be saved. i hear the train in the distance and i feel the vibrating sensation under my back. he'll be along any minute now. right now im just waiting. - Molly.

    Wed. Sept. 12. Bye USA, hi WW3. 7:35pm. STATE OF MIND High

Well I figured that if the Terrorists could get off their asses and take out the WTC's, a hunk of the Pentagon... and whatever else they got, I could get off mine and pump out an update.

Below the exit links you'll find a short story type bullshit thing I wrote. Needless to say I was completely cooked. It's a true story other than the names, conversations, and other minor particulars. After I wrote it (and was sober) I re-read it and thought it was stupid. I decided to post it anyways under the hope that most of the poeple reading it were high.


EXIT LINKS - Fat Willie's Shack of Sluts | Stolen Goods

A friend of mine called me a while ago from a long distance phone number that I didn't recognize. I answered it and it was (lets call him) Vivian. Vivian is a very strange fellow with way to many addictions. To say the least he's pretty damn twisted. I put the speaker to my ear and said word. Vivian for Christ sakes don't beat around the bush just get to the point.

After a few more minutes I had taken in that he's at Yellowstone National Park which is really really far from where we live... especially for someone as bent as Viv. When I noticed the conversation had climaxed and things were getting dull I ended it and went on with my business.

A short time later it occurred to me… What the fuck is Vivian doing way the hell out there? Bah, who cares.

I ran into Vivian at a decent sized house party around a month later.

Vivian I said… what the hell were you talking about that time you called me a while ago? Giggling he replied, Yellowstone? what are you talking about Kyle? Have you been smoking rock again you freak?!

Mother fucker, is he denying that he called me?

Yellowstone National Park? I don't even know where the hell that is, he went on. And I don't even have my license how would I get there? Besides, I've been at my moms for the last few months.

I explained that I didn't believe him and that I was 100% POSITIVE that he was the one that called. I walked through the story in my mind… Vivian wakes up, eats two boxes of Graval and passes out for three days. When he awoke up he probably WAS in Yellowstone if you know what I mean. In his bewildered state I guess he just wanted to call and say hi. Vivian, there is NOONE in this world that sounds like you. There is NO WAY it could have been anyone else, only you sound like you. Also, the guy on the phone babbled like you do… and nobody can babble like you babble.

He held his ground so we accepted our differences and continued drinking.

When we all woke up the next morning we sat around and chilled for a bit. Now clear minded Vivian approached me with what we had discussed during the party. We came up with an idea and checked my cell phone for that long distance number I didn't recognize. Sure enough if was still in memory, without a thought I pressed 'talk'. After several rings a semi familiar voice answered. "Hullo?" it said. Who is this? I looked over and saw Vivian. "Kyle?" the voice said, "is that you?" Amit?!!! What the fuck! I looked over and saw Vivian laughing his ass off. I told you to stay off that rock, he howled.

I couldn't believe it. I was wrong the whole time! I was 100% sure; there wasn't a microgram of doubt in my mind… I would have put my soul on the line.

Amit man, where are you? "Algonquin, up North." He replied. What the fuck did you call me about the other day? "Oh sorry man, I was drunk and just wanted to see what you were up to". My mind still needed to recover so I summed up and got off the phone.

I told you, Vivian said, you ain't never know.

It's months later now but this still pops into my head sometimes. I learned then that you can never be sure of anything. You ain't never know, Vivian had said.

There you have it. What can you trust?… who knows. What can you be sure about?… nothing. Who can you trust?… that's a good question.

I'm gon-zo. Anyone have any ideas?


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